Story By Rev. Kerith Harding, Photo: Kay Kunisawa

On August 18, 57 members and friends of St. John’s gathered after the 9:30am service to give energy and concrete focus to the St. John’s Visioning Goals. These goals emerged from the Vestry Retreat back in May, and function as a guide for our next three years as a church.

Members were invited to think deeply about what they value most about St. John’s, and to share those stories and values with those around them. Everyone was then invited to choose one of the first four vision points, and gather as groups to imagine concrete ways their chosen goal could be made manifest. (Vision point #5, dependent as it is upon points 1-4, and because it crosses into multiple categories, did not have a designated group).

There was only one ground rule: Only articulate a goal if you are personally willing to help make it happen (in other words, no volunteering other people!).

In a clear and encouraging demonstration of support and commitment, the 57 in attendance created a dynamic list of over 25 ideas/goals related to Outreach, Spiritual Formation, Welcome, and Facilities. Everyone then signed up for (no more than two of) the goals they would personally like to help make happen. The consolidated list will now be brought back to the Vestry, who will determine how these ideas can be incorporated into a three year plan. This process allows our annual pledge campaign and budget to be guided by the goals we produce together.

Thanks to all who participated in this important and lively event!


In the next three years we have the following five goals to better fully realize our purpose:

  1. We believe God is calling us to deepen our practice of “welcome” by becoming proactively welcoming and ensuring that our worship, music, and fellowship, are accessible and energizing.
  2. We believe God is calling us to turn outward and put our faith into action in innovative and exciting ways, for the betterment of the world, and the life-giving transformation of our hearts.
  3. We believe God is calling us to strengthen and expand our spiritual formation and education programs for all ages, in order to help both those who are new to the church and those who have been around for some time to grow in their relationship to God and one another.
  4. We believe God is calling us to take a serious look at the care and wise use of our facilities, so they might be used even more to the Glory of God, for both St. John’s and the wider Maui community, for many years to come.
  5. We believe God is calling us to responsibly and sustainably return as a vital and vibrant faith community to full parish status. We believe part of this call involves addressing our fiscal health and growing into a deeper understanding of the meaning of offering and stewardship as the spiritual practice of growing in generosity.