Ah Flossie, it was said you’d turned into a Tropical Depression but you still sent a wallop. When Reverend Kerith woke up at the Rectory to a “really loud noise” around 10:00pm, there was still so much rain she couldn’t see what had occurred until the next morning. Our amazingly large cypress tree fell towards the rectory, damaging the roof and shaving off a few of its supporting beams.

Within a few hours of the sun rising, Rev. Kerith was assessing damage, Kay and Adel Kunisawa were sweeping up the debris-laden driveway, John Hirashima was showing the tree removal guys around the property for their estimate, Marilynn was making a big lunch for the workers, my husband Darrell, David Baar and Henry Hildebrand were hard at work clearing away the rest of the damage. (Thanks to Barbara for lunch brought on Wednesday.) Shortly thereafter, the tree removal team pulled down the remaining trunk of the cypress (leaning dangerously toward the church), and chopped up the tree and its branches into enormous piles of mulch (which you now see around the church and rectory).

Once the tree and branches were removed, the next order of business was to restore the lawn. We had a great crew of volunteers on the following Saturday, including: Kerith and Ali, David and Geri, Gary Mohrlang, Bill Bonnet, Sally Raisbeck, John and Marilynn Hirashima, Barry and Monnie Gay, Segolene Wilson and Umi (her friend from Japan) – Chevis and Evey Culbert (with help from Janet Makua for lunch).

St. John’s is truly a blessing of a place and community. The trees are removed, the rock wall is replaced, the rectory will be repaired as bids are completed, and no one was hurt. We are indeed blessed!

Story By Joy Williams, Junior Warden, Photos: Kay Kunisawa, Janet Makua

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