On June 1st St. John’s was blessed to experience the performance by Vinnie Linares of “Damien” by Aldyth Morris. Linares has performed this play many times over the last 13 years, including in Rome, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, at Kalaupapa and various locations in Maui and Oahu. This was the second time that it has been performed at St. John’s and was attended by 90 people.

Although the story may be repeated again and again, it will never lose it’s importance, especially here in Hawaii. The play highlights the signifi cant moments in the life of St. Damien. By the time of his death on April 15, 1889, he had an international reputation similar to that of Mother Theresa in India.

Linares said; “This is quite an honor (to perform this play) and it has a lot of “emotional weight” His outstanding performance reveals its subject as both man and saint as he reviews his journey through his turbulent and compelling life while answering his detractors and critics. “It is an affi rmation of how powerful devotion can be.”

We are very grateful to Mr. Linares for this special performance at St. John’s and his donation of the proceeds to our church.