There will be a service of prayers held on Feb. 17 at 8:30am in the church. In keeping with the Bishop’s wishes during this unusual time, and the imposition of ashes will not be part of the service.
As the Bishop reminds us, “From the time of the Reformation until the mid-Twentieth century, the vast majority of Anglicans/Episcopalians did not practice the imposition of ashes.  The Book of Common Prayer 1979 is the first authorized Episcopal Prayer Book to include the practice (though it was certainly practiced in many churches during the years before the current BCP was authorized).  With that, however, the day was designated as “The First Day of Lent, Commonly called Ash Wednesday” in Prayer Books for centuries.  While it is for many a helpful pious act, the imposition of ashes is not a sacramental act and is certainly not essential to the liturgy of the day. Considering the rate of infection and the personal contact needed for the imposition of ashes, please set aside the imposition of ashes for Ash Wednesday 2021.”
Should the number of participants in the service exceed the socially distanced seating capacity of the church (which is between 10-14 people), extra chairs will be placed on the lanai. All doors and windows will be open for ventilation. Please plan to dress comfortably for the weather.